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Memorial Day weekend and the Pool

Pool access will be available to all Home Owners who have paid their dues and have no fines.

A Link for Tyler’s Landing Home Owners

The following link is for Home Owners to acces their private account. Home Owner Login

Pets in Tyler’s Landing

The Board would like to remind residents with pets of a few rules in place as outlined in the covenants, and ordinances set by the City of Wichita.

If your Pet uses property that does not belong to you or the Tyler’s Landing common areas, to relieve themselves, please clean up after them. If your pet leaves your property, please put them on a leash, especially when walking around the neighborhood. The City of Wichita does have a leash law, and this is also stated in the covenants.

Depending on the offense, you can be convicted of a misdemeanor and/or be fined by the city for not complying.

The Wichita Police Department encourages that if you know or feel comfortable talking to your neighbors, that you relay your concerns to those residents first.

If you witness a dog producing solid waste on your property and the owner does not dispose of it properly you can report the owner. You MUST be willing to sign a complaint if you report an owner.

Click on the Neighborhood Information page for a brochure with more information on this topic.


Kansas wind can be very strong and gusty at times so please make sure you are strapping down your Trash Container lids so we can continue to have a beautiful neighborhood to live in.

To keep our pool umbrellas and awning working properly please put them down during high winds and at the end of the day.

Thank You!