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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Tyler’s Landing HOA Board.

Pool Is now Closed

The pool is now closed until next summer.

A Link for Tyler’s Landing Home Owners

The following link is for Home Owners to acces their private account. Home Owner Login

Pool Access

It has come to the boards attention that there have been individuals circumventing the key reader to accessing the pool. All the Home Owners of Tyler’s Landing “own” the pool area and should have a vested interest in keeping the pool clean and safe and the grounds in good order for all Home Owners.
Please alert the HOA Management and the Board of any Individuals circumventing the security gate or disregaurding the pool rules.

June meeting rescheduled

The June meeting has been rescheduled to the 18th. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tyler’s Landing Garage Sale

The Tyler’s Landing Garage Sale is this weekend. Prepare your yourself for the extra traffic in the neighborhood. Contact the city for your garage sale permit. Enjoy!

Tyler’s Landing Pool is now open!

The Tyler’s Landing Pool is now open to all Home Owners who are current with their dues and have no fines. If you have not trading in your existing pool key for the new pool key, contact HOA Management and drop by their office to pick your new key up.

Tyler’s Landing Pool

The Tyler’s Landing Board would like to update all homeowners on the issues regarding the community pool. At the last community meeting, we reported to the homeowners who attended, that during the replacement of the pool liner (end of April, early May) it was discovered that the keypad at the entrance gate was broken. After several unsuccessful attempts to fix it, we determined that a new lock system would have to be installed. The new system was discussed and approved at the May Board meeting. The company installing the lock system was scheduled to come out the week before Memorial weekend, but they needed to order parts before the installation could be started. Without proper gate security, the pool needs to remain locked due to safety issues. Tyler’s Landing does not want to take responsibility for any potential mishap due to having unsupervised or unauthorized access to the pool. We appreciate your patience, concerning the pool access.

Pets in Tyler’s Landing

The Board would like to remind residents with pets of a few rules in place as outlined in the covenants, and ordinances set by the City of Wichita.

If your Pet uses property that does not belong to you or the Tyler’s Landing common areas, to relieve themselves, please clean up after them. If your pet leaves your property, please put them on a leash, especially when walking around the neighborhood. The City of Wichita does have a leash law, and this is also stated in the covenants.

Depending on the offense, you can be convicted of a misdemeanor and/or be fined by the city for not complying.

The Wichita Police Department encourages that if you know or feel comfortable talking to your neighbors, that you relay your concerns to those residents first.

If you witness a dog producing solid waste on your property and the owner does not dispose of it properly you can report the owner. You MUST be willing to sign a complaint if you report an owner.

Click on the Neighborhood Information page for a brochure with more information on this topic.

Rip Rap

We have had some rip rap thrown into the ponds. Please refrain from doing so because we did not purchase this for cosmetic use, it is to keep unwanted animals away. If you see anyone moving the rip rap please let them know they are not to do so. Thank You!